Books on type, lettering, graphic design, etc.

Book Fair

This year’s Typographics will feature the third Typographics Book Fair, with items for sale from some of our favorite booksellers.

There will be a wide diversity of material available relating to typography, lettering, design, etc, with everything from rare antiquarian type specimens to contemporary titles on modern graphic design.

A full listing of participating booksellers will be posted soon. For updates and announce­ments, join the Typographics mailing list and follow @TypographicsNYC on Twitter.

Hours and access

Sat, June 17
Open to attendees of the Typographics conference (registration required)
Sun, June 18
Free and open to the public

The fair will be held in the gallery space at 41 Cooper Square, just across the street from the Great Hall where the main conference will be taking place.

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