The Typographics festival is organized and run by a small group of type fans.

The 11-day festival is a forum for presentations about graphic design, web design, publication design, book design, type design, packaging, branding, corporate identity, advertising, motion graphics, and more. Importantly, Typographics focuses on new frontiers in digital typography. The international line-up of speakers includes emerging and established designers, attracting a vital and intelligent community of attendees. In the week before and the week after the main conference, Type@Cooper is offering workshops and tours, open to the public, to educate and entertain conference participants.

Twitter: @TypographicsNYC
Instagram: @typographicsnyc


  • Cara Di Edwardo – Festival Director, Events, Sponsorship
  • Alexander Tochilovsky – Conference Director
  • Ellen Lupton, Barbara Glauber, Mike Essl, Alexander Tochilovsky – Conference Curators
  • Petr van Blokland – TypeLab Coordinator
  • Mark Rossi – Art Direction
  • Nick Sherman – Web Design and Development
  • Kelsey Mitchell, Richard Yee, Ryan Yale, Alex Tomlinson – Design
  • Waldo Tejada – Production, Marketing
  • Laura Mircik-Sellers – Sponsorship coordinator, Photography
  • Marget Long, Henrique Nardi – Photography
  • Gabriel Fuller-Rodriguez – Videography
  • Kim Newman – Media Relations
  • Simone Meltesen – Volunteer Coordinator

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