Die Alte Typografie: A Handbook for Happy Designers

with Massimo Pitis

Although Die Neue Typografie is considered a classic today, in this presentation, Massimo Pitis subverts the idea to present new designs using old typefaces. Futura, Sabon or Akzidenz can create something new, contemporary, even revolutionary.

Furthermore, using new typography in classical formats can create interesting and innovative results.

By refusing formulaic cliche, Pitis takes typography and lettering as an opportunity to play and experiment with various ideas in order to create a more beautiful visual environment.

His only limitation is a commitment to the reader as the final audience of the work.

This talk is scheduled for Friday, June 15, 2018, at 4:30pm as part of the main Typographics conference schedule. You must register for the Typographics conference to attend.

About Massimo Pitis

Massimo Pitis

Massimo Pitis is the founder of Pitis e Associati, a design and consultancy studio based in Milan and Paris, working with clients such as CCA Montreal, FAI, Fabriano, Antonia Milano, Skira Paris, Esperia, Museo del Novecento, Triennale di Milano, Rizzoli, Romeo Sozzi, Flammarion, Condé Nast, Giorgio Armani, Bulgari. He’s art director of Wired Italia, which was awarded Best Magazine Redesign 2015 and Magazine of the Year 2016 by the SPD in New York. Prior to that, as a creative director at Landor Associates Italia, he specialized in brand identity and exhibition design, and curated Lettera, the graphic design section of Abitare magazine. In 2001 he was awarded the first prize for corporate identity by the Art Directors Club Italiano. In 2005 he was the curator of the exhibition and catalogue “Pino Tovaglia – La regola che corregge l’emozione” edited by Corraini. He’s a member of the TDC (Type Directors Club) and chaired BEDA (Bureau of European Design Associations) 2002–2006. He runs workshops at IUAV University in Venice and at Politecnico in Milan.

He’s a member of the Type Directors Club and of the Society of Publication Designers.

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